Possible Origin of Sumerians ?

 October 18, 2019
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?Something that I have found very interesting is the fact that some objects found in South America ( Bolivia), appear to have "proto Sumerian" writing on them. This has led to much speculation about the Sumerians having travelled to South America. This is obviously a possibility that should be considered. There is however another possibility that no-one has mentioned, and that is that perhaps the Sumerians actually originated in South America and were forced to move through some disastarous event. If one looks at the ruins at Puma Punku in Bolivia, then it is obvious that an event of some magnitude did occur there. We know that the Sumerian civilisation came into being very suddenly, is it not possible that they arrived in Sumer from South America and brought their civilisation with them. I think it is a possibility worth considering. This could explain why the depictions of the "Gods/ Annuaki ?" sometimes resembled humanised fish because they had traversed huge oceans to arrive in Sumer and emerge from the water.
There are some remarkable similarities in the styles of buildings between Peru/ Bolivia and various places around the world. Is it perhaps possible that the South American people from around lake Tititaca migrated to the middle east and possibly other areas, around 8000 bce. It has also been observed that the boats built by the floating population of lake Titicaca are very nearly identical to the boats built by Sumerians. These people are also known as the "Uru" people, which coincidently is the original name of the city of Ur in Mesopotamia. From all I have read about the Inca and their predecessors, they seem not to have had the ability to construct many of the exceptional stone structures in their area. The history of the Andes region is also very unclear, and record keeping was virtually non-existant during the time of the Inca's and their immediate predecessors, all of which points to an earlier group of people who must have been more sophisticated than the Inca.
In addition to the examples of Sumerian script found near lake Tititaca there are also amongst the atrifacts collected by the late father Crespi, some items which seem very similar to artwork from Sumeria. It is possible that these artifacts may have been faked, but it would be hard to understand why, since father Crespi was not someone who could pay huge amounts of money for any artifact, fake or not. If the winged bull images amongst father Crespi's collection are genuine, they would be a very clear indication of a connection between Peru and Sumeria in ancient times. It would seem to me that since the death of father Crespi, many people now allege that his artifacts were "forged junk" made using modern brass and tin etc. While this may be true, I can only judge from the photographic evidence I have seen, and it would seem to me that some of the "forged junk" appears to be very well executed.
I have to wonder who would go to such great lengths to create well executed "forged junk" to sell to father Crespi. From the illustrations I have seen they are not exact copies of Sumerian art but similar to such pieces. It may be that they are forgeries, but I have to ask why anyone would go to such lengths to impress a priest ? At the same time one must also consider that the evidence in the Crespi collection is not the only evidence linking South America to the middle east. It was Erich von Danekin who first drew the worlds attention to the Crespi collection. It would seem to me as an outsider that many are very keen to discredit von Danekin and that leads them to lose objectivity in examining the items in the Crespi collection. Apparently Crespi himself was aware that some items were forgeries, but that is not an excuse for calling the whole collection forged. Most of the contentious items seem to have vanished, which seems to happen a lot in archeology.
The fact that "proto" Sumerian writing has been found in Bolivia would indicate that the contact with the Sumerian civilisation must have occurred early in the timeline of Sumeria. It would make more sense that Sumerians could have travelled to Bolivia when they were more advanced if one were to accept the "textbook" timelines of world civilisation. According to these timelines, civilisation started in Sumeria/Mesopotamia, maybe this is wrong and actually our current civilisation began in South America!
I am by no means saying that the Sumerians originated in South America, what I am saying is that there are indications which might point to the possibility. Perhaps more research will shed some light on the subject. Apparently Brien Foerster's DNA research indicates that there is a connection between the Paracas skulls of Peru and the Black sea area, which is not far from Sumer.

I would be interested to hear what others might think of such a possibility.

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July 05, 2020
Hi Bill,
The objects are the Fuente Magna bowl which was found near lake T. it has cuneiform writing, as well as other writing. Then there is also the Pokotia monolith, which also has similar writing. The father Crespi collection has been written about quite extensively, I think Klaus Dona had some of the winged bull pieces for a video at some point. The website was designed by "IT Design" from Port Elizabeth, their email is "info@itdesign.co.za", I think they are pretty good. Regards Chris
Bill Gleeson
July 03, 2020
Hello Chris. Yes entirely possible ...though I can't cite any direct evidence.
Homer [Iliad] said the survivors of troy fled west [to central/south America]; there are several other [vague] records of tall Europeans in early central/south America; the timing fits.
It fits but is probably unprovable in orthodox terms. [which doesnt mean we shouldnt discuss it]
Do you have a ref to any of the comments you make above?

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