October 09, 2021
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Local Elections 2021
The crazy election season is with us again, all manner of politicians are making the usual promises, as well as hurling insults at each other. I still find it fascinating that none of the parties pay any attention the main problems facing the country.
The DA has taken a leaf out of the strategy book of the EFF. The Idea is to do something extremely outrageous, which then makes all the news channels stampede over each other to condemn your actions, in this way you get far more airtime on TV news channels than any other party. I refer of course to the “heroes” poster the DA put up in Phoenix.
Whilst all the channels are bending over backward to interview DA leaders about their “disgusting” posters, Julius Malema must be fuming, and I notice that he seems not to have commented on the matter at all. Of course the DA has “apologised” and taken down the posters. In the meantime, the DA will continue to get mileage from this, as the ANC will now voice their displeasure and insist that the DA be punished.

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