Much Ado About Vaccine

 January 20, 2022
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Much has been written and said about Covid 19 vaccines. Several governments and corporate entities are now making vaccination mandatory. I have been looking into this matter through the eyes of non-medical person with at least, a little common sense.

I was aware that the number of cases in Europe and the UK were far higher than in South Africa, I was not aware of just how much higher the number of cases were. Reading an article from EWN, written by someone from Bangor university, I discovered that the number of cases of Covid 19 per million of the population in the UK was 1280, whereas for SA the figure is 303 (period ending 21 December 2021). This is a massive difference, and bearing in mind that the percentage of people vaccinated in the UK is about 4 times higher than in SA, one might be forgiven for thinking that the vaccines are counterproductive. It does not stop there, comparing the number of deaths per million it seems that the UK has 1.697 deaths per million, SA has .583 deaths per million. If these figures are correct, why on earth would anybody even consider vaccination at all, never mind making it compulsory.

I have been listening to various people discussing the efficacy of the vaccines, and it seems that these vaccines lose their efficacy after about 5 months, and then require a “booster” shot. This booster loses efficacy within a shorter period (about 2 months). This means that, in order to retain an efficacy rate of above 80%, one will need to take a booster shot every 2 months. This translates into 5 doses per year at least, and obscene profits for the pharma. companies. It should also be noted that, even with “booster” shots, the efficacy against the Omicron variant is almost non-existent.

In connection with the “booster” shots, various people have been warning that too many boosters will adversely affect your immune system, and that the efficacy rate will drop with each successive “booster”. Apparently studies in Israel have shown that “naturally acquired immunity” (from having recovered from the virus), is 13 times more effective than vaccines, yet some people are still insisting that everybody must be vaccinated. Am I stupid, or has the world gone mad?
I think it is also important to have a look at other remedies available. In 2020 Donald Trump recommended hydroxychloroquine, the “anti-Trump” lobby shot this down as being completely crazy, but it turns out that it is beneficial for the treatment of Covid 19. Another drug which has been used extensively around the world, is Ivermectin.


A group of doctors have formed the “FLCCC” group, which is made up of independent doctors in private practice, they have been using Ivermectin for the treatment of Covid 19, and report good results. In India, the state of Uttar Pradesh has also been issuing Ivermectin in a “home treatment” kit for the treatment of Covid 19, also with good results. There are numerous reports about the use of Ivermectin from many areas, none of them adverse. In addition, one should bear in mind that Ivermectin has been used successfully for the control of parasites for many years, without adverse effects.


I have been wondering if the use of Ivermectin for controlling parasites, is not perhaps also the reason why the tropical areas of Africa, have been less severely affected by the virus than one would expect. It is strange that South Africa is the worst affected country in Africa, and yet we have the best medical facilities in Africa, and had the strictest lockdown measures. Is it perhaps because of the extensive use of Ivermectin in other African countries? All things considered I cannot understand why the use of Ivermectin is discouraged, after all, if it is used according to doctor’s prescription, the worst that happens is a serious reduction in parasites. That would be a good thing, I would think.

In terms of government disaster management regulations 11(5) c, other publications have disabled any comments on anything to do with the pandemic. This has had the effect of stifling debate around the single most important event affecting everyone in the world. This is a most unhealthy situation to have, people are being banned on social media for expressing any opinions that are contrary to the “mainstream ideas”. Included in this group is a certain Dr Malone, who was influential in developing the “mRNA” vaccines, he has been banned on “twitter”. We are being manipulated by big companies, all of whom have huge influence in governments around the world, and people seem to be completely unaware or, just don’t care. I find it amazing that so many people are adamant that everyone should be vaccinated, or else! These people are doing their level best to “bully” people into getting vaccinated, in spite of the fact that these vaccines do not stop you from being infected, nor do they stop you from infecting others. Can someone please explain why I should consider the Covid 19 vaccination.

One of the first companies in SA to insist on their employees getting vaccinated was Discovery Health, I can’t help but wonder if any of the drug companies have substantial shares in Discovery. We are being told that the incidence of adverse events from the vaccines is extremely low, and that the vaccines are very safe. If one were to read the Hatchard report from New Zealand, then the vaccines look a little less safe than we are led to believe. This is also not the only report suggesting that the incidence of “adverse events” is much higher than we are being told. I am beginning to suspect that most media companies are being controlled by the same people who control the pharma companies, which would explain why very little negative publicity makes the main news stories. Where are all the “investigative reporters”, why are they so quiet?
The big pharma. companies are spending massive sums of money on lobbying governments, Pfizer alone is said to have spent in excess of $30 million just in the US on lobbyists. The result is that their vaccine is approved by the FDA in record time. This same FDA wants to take 75 years to release the documents surrounding their application, that leads me to think, they must be hiding something! I may be arrested and prosecuted or ridiculed for publishing all the above information, but I still want to avoid being vaccinated.

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