Trumped Up Charges?

 October 07, 2020
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Current affairs

The US of A is about to hold elections for their president. The incumbent, Donald Trump, has suffered severe criticism from the democratic party since before he even took office. It has become popular amongst many, to lambast Mr. Trump for his many faults, whilst never acknowledging his success’s.

In South Africa, most (if not all) media are anti-Trump, and go on at length about his perceived faults. Something we never hear about are his supporters amongst many black people in the US. Writers such as Mark Heywood (Daily Maverick) and J. Brooks Spector (SABC and other) as well as many others, have a tendency to write articles very critical of dear Donald. They do not mention some of his achievements, which include the reduction of unemployment in the USA. He is also the only president of the USA ever to attempt direct dialogue with North Korea, even though it seems that his efforts have been fruitless, at least he tried. I am not trying to blow Donald Trump’s trumpet, but one needs to acknowledge some of the good he has done.

In my humble opinion, Donald Trump is a bombastic narcissist, with a tendency toward ladylike gestures with his hands, however, I also think that he is a better president than Hilary Clinton could ever be. The reason that Trump won the last election, was not that he is a brilliant candidate, it is because the other candidate was even worse. In my view, things have not changed for the better with Joe Biden standing against Trump. “Sleepy Joe”, as Trump supporters call him, does not inspire confidence, and will, in my view, become a “sock-puppet” president, if elected. Mr. Biden is typical of a career politician, who will tell you what you want to hear, and has no discernible opinion on anything. Understanding what Joe Biden actually stands for, is a bit like trying to catch a greased pig. I will not be at all surprised if Trump wins a second term in the coming election.

Trump has been accused of not supporting the WHO, and thus damaging the fight against Covid-19. In truth, the actions of Mr. Trump are justified, given the behaviour of the director of the WHO, Tedros Ghebreyesus. The Chinese government have a lot to answer for in the matter of Covid -9, but if you listen to Trumps detractors, you get the impression that he is solely responsible for the virus. The democrats in the USA and publications like the NY Times, are extremely critical of Trumps handling of the virus, but they fail to mention that the governors of the various states, actually have far more power, with regard to the virus measures, than Trump has. Some of the worst hit states during the Covid-19 crisis, have been those with democratic party governors.

Donald Trump is not a “nice guy”, but at least you know what he stands for, with Joe Biden nobody has any idea what he really stands for. Like it or not, Donald Trump is still the best candidate in the election.

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