Covid-19, aka, China virus or CCP virus, and the vaccine debate

 December 27, 2021
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Recently we have been bombarded with comments from a wide variety of people, mostly urging us to get the “vaccine” against the virus. I put the word vaccine in quotation marks very deliberately, in my view a vaccine should prevent you from being infected, the vaccines currently being forced on us do not prevent infection, on the contrary, it seems to me that infection rates in Europe (over 70% vaccinated), seem to be as high, if not higher than the rate in South Africa.

In addition to that “small” problem, I am also hearing about people who a suffering (even dying) from side effects seemingly brought on by the vaccine. We are told that a very small percentage of people do suffer adverse effects from the vaccine. I am beginning to suspect that we are not being told the truth about many things to do with the virus and vaccines. I am actually hearing more about adverse reactions to the vaccine, than I am hearing about people suffering from the virus.
There is currently a law against spreading “fake news”, especially in respect of the virus pandemic. During the early days of the pandemic there was a guy who alleged that many of the “virus test kits” were contaminated, he was prosecuted and the last I heard was that he was released on bail, with the condition that he refrain from making any comments about the pandemic. This case was then postponed to July 2020, and I have heard not a word about it since. This leaves me with the impression that he was only prosecuted in order to shut him up, and not because he was spreading fake news.
There is also among the vaccination lobby, a large number of people who seem to regard people with a different opinion as borderline criminals. Instead of attacking the “antivaxxers”, I think they should be channelling their efforts into demonstrating why we should get vaccinated. So far, judging from the reports I see in the media, I can find no compelling reason to rush out and get vaccinated, bear in mind that the media is mostly controlled by the vaccinate lobby.

 I almost died from the effects of the virus in December 2020, so I have no illusions about just how nasty this virus can be. From what I glean from the various statements coming from various people in the medical field, I gather that the virus was artificially created and that it’s behaviour is still something of a mystery. The vaccines do not prevent the spread of the virus, and the perception that they will prevent excessive symptoms is largely unproven. We hear a lot about “efficacy rates”, usually expressed as a percentage, with some vaccines having efficacy rates under 40%. Information on the negative effects of these vaccines appear to be suppressed, or diverted. Symptoms which surface after vaccination are attributed to other underlying causes, and thus are not considered as connected to the vaccine. Whilst many of these symptoms may well be caused by “underlying causes”, it is a little strange that so many “underlying causes” surface immediately after vaccination. My impression is that the vaccines have not been properly tested, and might indeed be causing more harm than good.

Several recent news media have quoted the NICD (national institute for communicable disease) as saying that 87% of deaths caused by Covid-19 were of people “not fully vaccinated”. This was for a period ending 18th of December 2021. Considering the fairly low vaccination rates in South Africa, this figure is very concerning. What they are telling us is that 13% of the deaths caused by Covid-19 were of fully vaccinated people, in addition an unknown percentage were at least partially vaccinated. Therefore, the perception amongst some, that we can vaccinate our way out of the pandemic, is wishful thinking.

For me personally, I am going to avoid being vaccinated for as long as I can, but I cannot prescribe the same to anyone else. It comes down to each individual making up his or her own minds about whether or not to get vaccinated. Making vaccination mandatory could be a very serious mistake, and would in any case be very difficult to enforce. To my mind, the only ones to benefit from “mandatory vaccination” would be the pharma companies.

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