Flight in Ancient Times?

 March 12, 2019
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The possibility that in ancient times there were people (or "Gods"), capable of flying has many references in ancient writings, so much so that it is hard to ignore. People from Christian background will be familiar with the biblical stories of Moses and others, who possibly had encounters with unknown flying machines. The story of Ezekiel has however the most graphic description of what can only have been a flying machine, the details he describes are technically sound, and he describes being taken up within this machine to distant places. He describes a machine with wings that fold, wheels within wheels and so on, so unless he was transported into the future and saw a helicopter or some similar machine (which I seriously doubt), there must have existed in his time, a flying machine. Other descriptions in the old testament of the bible in which the prophet is taken up by a noisy whirlwind are also possibly the same machine, Ezekiel also uses the term "whirlwind" for when he first observed the flying machine he describes. The book of Enoch also describes experience of flight.

ancient Hindu texts 

The ancient Hindu texts from India also have many descriptions of flying machines in which their gods fly around doing some pretty amazing things. There are descriptions of various types of machines which they refer to as "vimana", some of these were very big, others smaller "personal transport" size. The Indian writings leave no doubt as to what they are describing, they definitely describe flying machines, not "visions" or "dreams", as some tend to atribute the biblical descriptions too, they even describe the engines as being powered by mercury vapour!

South America

South America also has evidence of flight in the form of model aircraft in gold, they have been described as being models of flying fish amongst other things, but for me, they are model aircraft. The strange markings on the Nazca plain are also strong evidence of prehistoric flight, it is inconceivable that the strange markings were made on the ground which can only be properly viewed from the sky, unless there was a reasonable expectation that they would be visible to someone, that someone would have to be in the air above the plain, these markings were only discovered, in modern times, when an aircraft flew over the area. Nazca is also not the only area with such markings visible only from the air. The ancients were not stupid, if they made markings on the ground to be viewed from the air, we must assume there was indeed someone who could view them.

In north America the "indians" made totem poles which resemble rockets and were usually topped by a"thunderbird". Where would they get such ideas, did they observe such things in times gone by?
Egypt also has evidence of flight, in the form of a wooden model discovered some time before mankind became familiar with flight, it was then thought to have some connection to a "bird cult", but has since been shown to be an aerodynamicaly sound model of a glider. The whole middle east region also abounds with sculptures of winged beings. In a short article like this one, a lot of additional evidence has been left out but some of that is also still subject to much controversy, however it is clear that at some time in the past, man was capable of flight, some would say even space flight!
I would like to turn attention, briefly, to the UFO phenomena which has received a lot of attention, especially since around 1950. There have been numerous reports of strange flying objects in the sky from all parts of the world, not all of which can be discounted as being weather balloons or freak atmospheric conditions, as some would have us believe. There have been accounts from credible witnesses whom we would normally trust if they were describing more mundane things. We then have to seriously consider that there must indeed be some UFO's around. What I would like to consider is whether there is any connection between the UFO and the flying machines described in ancient text's.
From the descriptions generally given for UFO's they would apear to generally circular in shape with a raised and windowed area on the upper side, they seem to be capable of flying silently and have the ability to change direction very suddenly, they also seem capable of very high speeds without leaving a smoke or vapour trail, most of which is at odds with the description of prehistoric machines which expelled flames and made thunderous noise. I therefore must assume that UFO's are of a different type of flying machine. Much speculation about where these UFO's come from is centered on other civilizations somewhere in space, I can't help wondering if we should possibly look closer to home. Rumours of the Nazi "bell" being an experimental flying machine during WW2 are all over the internet, some with video footage. Just how credible these reports are is uncertain at this stage and I would prefer to wait for more credible reports before accepting this idea.
To sum up, there is a lot of evidence indicating flight in prehistoric times, too much to be simply dismissed as fantasy. There is also a lot of evidence supporting "UFO" phenomenem, but little is known about this (at least to the public at large). The two seem to be entirely seperate, but this is not necessarily true, in time maybe we will gain more understanding.

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January 13, 2021
We could further ourselves if only we could talk to one another. Our ideas could be the best for us all. Can you imagine trying to patent gods ideas.
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