A Letter to Cyril Ramaphosa?

 February 14, 2019
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Dear Mr Ramaphosa
Let me start by saying that you are a vast improvement, as a President, as compared to your predecessor, but that is not really a huge compliment. You have asked so nicely for the voters to give the ANC another 5 years in office, I must therefore consider voting for the ANC.
There are however some issues I would like you to clarify, I will number them for your convenience:
1) The small matter of the R 500000.00 "donation" you got with "Bosasa" connections is still a matter which concerns me. After your brave explanation to parliament, you then backtracked and came up with a new story. Apparently you did not know about this donation ( your predecessor also had no knowledge about the upgrades at Nkandla). I am concerned that you appear to be so ignorant on who gives you money. Your new modified story has no ring of truth to it, I would like to know the truth!
2) Your own position in the ANC seems to be somewhat tenuous, the ANC elections seemed to me to have been more of a deal struck in the backroom rather than an election. I am greatly concerned that we will be saddled with a President from the "Zuma" faction via the back door soon after elections. The unity within the party that you speak of is in fact non-existant. You could not even hold a function in KZN without JZ there to hold your hand.
3) Since 1994 "white" people have been leaving our country as a direct result of "BBB-EE" policies of your government and it is becoming increasingly apparent that whites are not welcome in our country. The stated policy of the ANC is to appropriate land without compensation, it is not specifically stated that this applies to white-owned land, but that would be stating the obvious. Can you give whites any assurance that they are still welcome as citizens of South Africa? As part of your investment drive it may encourage whites to invest in their own coutry if they know their rights (including property rights) are to be respected.
4) Are there amongst the top leaders (NEC) of the ANC any who are not and will not be in any way implicated in corruption? If there are such leaders could you please name them. It appears, from what we have heard so far, that almost the entire ANC is corrupt, the more senior, the more corrupt. You have promised to fight corruption but your predeccessor made the same promises. We have seen from past performances in parliament that the ANC is incapable of turning against corruption. The only member prepared to openly stand against corruption in parliament was threatened and eventually driven out of the ANC. Your personal record in being against corruption as deputy president is not exactly a shining example, can you please explain how this has changed.
The above items are only the greatest concerns I have at the moment, there are also many others, but if you can satisfy me on these 4 items, I will consider voting for the ANC, if not, my vote will go elsewhere.
Kind Regards
Chris @ breakthebox.

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