Corona Virus Blues v. 2

 March 31, 2020
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In a very short time the world has effectively changed. The COVID 19 disease has become the main topic of news and conversation worldwide. There are several aspects which I find very disturbing, and seem to be getting very little attention in the media. Whether or not my concerns are justified, only time will tell.

What concerns me most, is the source of this virus. In the reading I have been doing on the subject, the most common theory about the source of the virus is that it mutated from bats through pangolins to humans, this may actually be true, but I have some doubts about this. All of the research fingering the pangolin mutation seems to have come from Chinese scientists. These scientists work for the Chinese Communist Party, which is not known for their honesty. Conspiracy theories blaming the Chinese for producing this virus in laboratories are also fairly common (not in mainstream media). It is of course up to the individual to decide what to believe, but obviously, other evidence should also be taken into consideration.
Reports from China indicate that the virus was covered up for 2 months before anything was done. This would surely have resulted in the virus spreading very widely in China before the lockdown. It is therefore hard to understand how densely populated cities like Beijing and Shanghai had infection rates below 1000 combined and deaths of only 13 between them. In fact, apart from the Hubei province, China seems to have been hardly affected. By contrast European countries have been hugely affected. I am having some trouble understanding why this is. The United States is also currently being very severely affected.

In Africa the pandemic is only just starting and given the conditions in Africa, I would expect that it will suffer more than any other continent. The fact that Europe and the United States were affected before Africa is also somewhat puzzling, considering the close ties China has with many African countries, I would have expected Africa to be amongst the first to have virus infections outside of China. Here in South Africa, our first cases arrived from Italy and not China, which I find rather strange.

Considering all of the above, I have to say that the evidence seems to indicate that places like Beijing and Shanghai must have had a vaccine before the start of the pandemic, nothing else explains the very low infection rate. If one makes such an assumption, then it follows that this virus is manmade, and is being used as a biological weapon. Is it possible that the CCP (Chinese communist party), is capable devising such a diabolical plan, and then unleashing it on the rest of the world? Some would say, absolutely, their ultimate goal is world domination, and they don’t care how they get there. It would also seem that the WHO, is way too full of praise for China and how they handled the virus outbreak, they seem to ignore the fact that the outbreak in China seems to have affected only 1 province, leaving all the other provinces virtually unscathed. Experience in other countries shows just how difficult it is to contain the virus. How is it possible that China, after being in denial for 2 months, could contain the virus so successfully? Common sense tells me that there is something fishy about this virus.

I know that many will say I am being a “scaremonger” and that this virus is just an unfortunate kink of nature, but I am actually trying to be objective! Considering that this virus has only just got started in my country and that I fall into the high risk category, I make no apologies for anything said in this article. What I have to say here cannot be regarded as “fake news”, since all the information I have based my assumptions on, is freely available on line. What scares me even more, is that this might only be the first line of attack, there is quite possibly a follow-up planned. The economic fallout of COVID-19 will be huge all over the world, but China will be least affected. I would be interested to know how their military has been affected, I would not be surprised if the military in China is almost totally unaffected!

What can we do about this situation? Mostly we have to fight this virus as best we can and when the dust settles we can more closely examine how it came about. China will in the meantime take full advantage of the conditions produced by the virus to improve its position in the world, and will be the major economic power when the virus has been defeated. The world will have to take some action, or learn to speak mandarin. One way to counter this could be if many states combine to bring a “class action” against China in the international court to demand compensation. It must be borne in mind however, that China has a powerful military to back-up any action they may take. What the rest of the world’s military will be like in the aftermath, no-one can tell.

Of course, there is another explanation for the evidence available, and that is that China has been grossly under reporting, and that there have been millions of deaths all over China from the corona virus. Some reports say that Chinese cell phone providers have lost a total of around 21 million subscribers, this seems to indicate that there is much we don’t know about what happens inside China. Which of these scenarios is correct is a matter for each person to decide. Both are quite scary.

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